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Contributing to the project

Getting the source

All the tools necessary to work with the project (except for Visual Studio itself) are free.
The page on the right-hand side shows the choices of version control client that you can use to follow the project and make edits.
  1. If you're not a developer on the project, unfortunately you cannot use the (Team Foundation Client) that installs into Visual Studio. You have two choices: install a free Subversion client (recommended: TortoiseSVN) or the CodePlex client.
  2. If you ARE a developer on the project, things are much easier. If you have Visual Studio 2008, make sure to install Team Explorer (from the TFC folder in the Visual Studio 2008 installation DVD or from here. If you have Visual Studio 2010, Team Explorer comes preinstalled (unless you're running Express), so you don't have to do anything.
If you're following the project, it is recommended that you use a version control client such as TortoiseSVN and regularly download new versions using SVN Update, instead of manually downloading the changeset archives for new versions. It will save you a lot of time - updating using SVN Update or the CodePlex client is one command - you don't have to download and extract the full source code all over again.

Submitting changes

There are several ways to contribute your source code changes to the project.
  1. TFS shelveset (preferred). The most preferred way to send me code for approval is using TFS shelvesets. If you're a developer and you're using the Team Foundation Client that is built into Visual Studio (recommended), just Shelve Pending Changes and let me know the shelveset name. I will be able to unshelve your changes on my side, review them and check in. Shelvesets are a great way to share code, much better than patches or archived code files. Read more about Shelvesets here:
  2. Subversion patch. If you use TortoiseSVN or other Subversion client to follow the project, use the Create patch context menu option on the root of your working copy folder, and upload the patch on the LiveGeometry project website (
  3. Check-in directly. If you're a developer on the project, feel free to just check in (although if you're unsure, I'd be happy to review a shelveset or a patch). Live Geometry is still in its early stages, so I can always refactor and improve the code as necessary, so don't be afraid to break things.

Coding guidelines

I am very passionate about clean code and uniform coding guidelines, so one thing I ask of contributors is to maintain these guidelines. So please bear with me if I ask you to correct a thing or two about your source code.

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