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Brilliant But Impractical Program

Feb 27, 2012 at 12:37 PM

This program is a brilliant work and teh author is a genius BUT it is totally impractical as it currently stands.

I am a television producer and my hobby is programming. When I create a show for TV it must accomplish a goal of selling either a product or advertising or both that makes money which is practical. You created an incedible program and didn't even include a single practical thing in it ? Why not?

As an example, let's put a practical tool in this application, say a Joist Calculator. Floor Joists come in certain fixed widths and are spaced by some fixed distance. Say our Joists are 4 inches wide and spaced one foot apart and that they run vertical. A practical Tool that you could have included was a Joist calculator that would fill an area with a group of rectangles representing the Joists covering a floor and the user would then select a Joist tool that would allow the user to click between the Joists and a LINE would then be placed from one horizontal side to the parallel side of the floor plan. The the Joist Calculator would sum up the linear lengths of these lines and that would give you the total LINEAR length of say heating elements require. This is a practical example that would put your "Live Geometry" on the map. But I noticed that you didn't even include a rectangle in your elements? Is this project dead?

This is a brilliant piece of work and if you add some practical tools the application will be become famous--really famous.

It has enough "geometry" in it now--it needs practical things added to make it really robust.