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You Posted This Rectangle But It Should Be 'RectangleCreator'!

Feb 25, 2012 at 3:03 PM
Edited Feb 26, 2012 at 6:18 PM


Your Live Geometry is fantastic! BUT I am amazed that you left out the MOST important shape used in architecture, namely, the RECTANGLE !!!

Below is a sample of a rectangle you posted in response to a question BUT it is in xaml, and it is NOT added as a default !!!

 [Category(BehaviorCategories.Shapes)]    [Order(1)]    public class RectangleCreator : ShapeCreator    { }

You should add this "public class RectangleCreator : ShapeCreator "

I want to add this as a default behavior just like you have a square as one of your default behaviors.

How would you convert this rectangle below to a " public class RectangleCreator : ShapeCreator" ?

Here is the Rectangle you posted:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Drawing>  <Viewport Left="-19.9861304551" Top="10.4517177345" Right="19.9305362118" Bottom="-10.3961234912" Grid="true" Axes="true" />  <Styles>    <PointStyle Size="10" Fill="#FFFFFF00" IsFilled="true" Color="#FF000000" StrokeWidth="1" Name="1" />    <PointStyle Size="10" Fill="#FF00FF00" IsFilled="true" Color="#FF000000" StrokeWidth="1" Name="2" />    <PointStyle Size="10" Fill="#FFC0C0C0" IsFilled="true" Color="#FF000000" StrokeWidth="1" Name="3" />    <LineStyle Color="#FF000000" StrokeWidth="1" Name="4" />    <ShapeStyle Fill="#FFFFFF00" IsFilled="true" Color="#00FFFFFF" StrokeWidth="1" Name="5" />    <ShapeStyle Fill="#FFFFFF00" IsFilled="true" Color="#FF000000" StrokeWidth="1" Name="6" />    <TextStyle FontSize="18" Color="#FF000000" FontFamily="Arial" Bold="false" Italic="false" Underline="false" Name="7" />    <TextStyle FontSize="18" Color="#FF000000" FontFamily="Arial" Bold="false" Italic="false" Underline="false" Name="8" />    <ShapeStyle Fill="#FF22FF00" IsFilled="true" Color="#00FFFFFF" StrokeWidth="1" Name="9" />  </Styles>  <Figures>    <FreePoint Name="E" Style="1" X="0" Y="0" />    <PointByCoordinates Name="F" Visible="false" Style="1" X="E.X+1" Y="E.Y">      <Dependency Name="E" />    </PointByCoordinates>    <LineTwoPoints Name="LineTwoPoints36" Visible="false" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="E" />      <Dependency Name="F" />    </LineTwoPoints>    <PointOnFigure Name="G" Style="2" X="9" Y="0" Parameter="9">      <Dependency Name="LineTwoPoints36" />    </PointOnFigure>    <PerpendicularLine Name="PerpendicularLine40" Visible="false" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="LineTwoPoints36" />      <Dependency Name="G" />    </PerpendicularLine>    <PointOnFigure Name="H" Style="2" X="9" Y="4" Parameter="-4">      <Dependency Name="PerpendicularLine40" />    </PointOnFigure>    <ParallelLine Name="ParallelLine42" Visible="false" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="PerpendicularLine40" />      <Dependency Name="E" />    </ParallelLine>    <ParallelLine Name="ParallelLine44" Visible="false" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="LineTwoPoints36" />      <Dependency Name="H" />    </ParallelLine>    <IntersectionPoint Name="I" Style="3" Algorithm="IntersectLineAndLine">      <Dependency Name="ParallelLine44" />      <Dependency Name="ParallelLine42" />    </IntersectionPoint>    <Polygon Name="Polygon61" Style="5">      <Dependency Name="E" />      <Dependency Name="I" />      <Dependency Name="H" />      <Dependency Name="G" />    </Polygon>    <Segment Name="Segment62" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="E" />      <Dependency Name="I" />    </Segment>    <Segment Name="Segment63" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="I" />      <Dependency Name="H" />    </Segment>    <Segment Name="Segment64" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="H" />      <Dependency Name="G" />    </Segment>    <Segment Name="Segment65" Style="4">      <Dependency Name="G" />      <Dependency Name="E" />    </Segment>  </Figures></Drawing>