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Enlarged area of the Live Geometry !!!!

Aug 16, 2010 at 1:55 PM
Hello Кирилл! I liked your very interesting program. Thank you. (I apologize for the lack of knowledge of English, is forced to use google translator. Although the translation may not be necessary if you know Russian. But I'm not sure.) /*Я предлагаю адаптировать её для новой и, как мне кажется более широкой, группы пользователей. Студенты изучающие не только математику и геометрию, но и механику (теоритическую, строительную, сопромат) могли бы использовать LiveGeomenry для вычерчивания илюстраций к своим работам и задачам. Для печати и дальнейшего иследования.*/ I propose to adapt it to new and, I think wider group of users. students studying not only math and geometry, and mechanics (theoretically, construction, sopromat) could be used LiveGeomenry for drawing illustrations for his work and tasks. For further press and Research. Obviously for this lack of the third coordinate (z). Object vector, and the properties of mass, velocity, force. If you think this is senselessly then maybe it's because you know the other better way for students of Mechanics. That does not trouble you to show the best way to do meaningless improvement opportunities LiveGeomenry.