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Loading and fitting saved drawing to a canvas

May 14, 2010 at 2:57 AM

I wonder if someone can help answer my question on loading a LGF file and "fit" it to the canvas provided.

I have the following Silverlight code that loads saved LGF file. It works, but the drawing is not taking up the space provided by the Canvas. Is there a way to "fill", like Uniform or UniformToFill for image, the canvas with the loaded LGF file?<font face="Courier New">


</font>public void loadDrawing(Canvas canvas, string lgfDrawing) {

<font face="Courier New">

XElement xml =

</font>XElement.Parse(lgfDrawing); <font face="Courier New"> </font><font face="Courier New">


</font>Drawing drawing = new Drawing(canvas);